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B.C Wildfires Affecting Nanaimo

You may have noticed that Nanaimo and the surrounding areas of Vancouver Island have been very smokey the past few weeks. This is due to the many burning B.C wildfires. In past years, the wildfire smoke has not affected us this significantly, however this is the worst season for wildfires in B.C in over 60 years. According to Global News, the province remains under a state of emergency because of the 160 fires that are still burning.

Last week there were two fires burning in Nanaimo that were deemed human caused. There is simply no excuse for the human negligence that causes these wildfires.. There are many ways to prevent the errors that could cause wildfires during these dry summer months. Thankfully, the fires have been contained and caused minimal damage.

Real Estate Implications

In real estate news, homeowners were unable to insure any new property due to these two wildfires. The insurance companies had prohibited brokers from issuing new insurance for properties that were within 50km of these wildfires. This prohibited both the buyers and the sellers of new real estate from moving forward in their transactions. These halted real estate transactions have the potential for serious financial implications. If you are ever in this situation, make sure to contact your Realtor and/or your lawyer for advice on how to proceed.


B.C Wildfires still burning as of August 16th

The map above shows the locations of the fires that are burning in the province as of today. As many as 7,000 homes have been evacuated due to the fires on the mainland. Both firefighters and RCMP members are working tirelessly to contain the fires and allow residents to return home.

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Our thoughts go out to those affected by the B.C wildfires, those who are working hard to put out the fires, as well as the residents that are dealing with the effects of the wildfire smoke all over the province.

To donate, learn about how you can prevent fires, or read about how you can prepare for an emergency, click here.