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Protecting your largest financial transaction

You want professionalism but you don’t want an agent that’s unapproachable or distant. You want an agent that’s dedicated to your sale, but also available to walk you through every step and review every detail so that you’re comfortable in the process. You need someone on your side, someone who can intelligently develop and clearly articulate the best course of action while still being receptive to your ideas and willing to work collaboratively.

When you choose Martin Velsen to represent you, I know that you’re entrusting me and my entire team with what’s likely your biggest investment, but also a sentimental and meaningful asset that carries immense emotional attachment. We never lose sight of this.

Deciding to list your property with my team doesn’t just mean that you’ve become one of our cherished clients, but you’re now an essential part of our team. As such, we treat you like a colleague and a friend because we believe in fostering long-term relationships with everyone we work with.

“Martin is one of the most respected realtors in Nanaimo. He has looked after numerous deals for us and been outstanding in looking out for our interests.”

— Jane Alexander

Constant communication 

With any relationship, the hallmark of a successful one is strong communication. Because we understand the gravitas of the task, we ensure we’re always keeping you informed of every step in the process of marketing and selling your property. You can be as involved or as removed as you wish, and trust that we’ll deliver an exceptional selling experience that exceeds your expectations.

Our strategic approach

To ensure our selling process runs smoothly, we aggressively prepare prior to listing your property by:

  • Using real market data to help you determine the most advantageous time to list your property
  • Providing you with a detailed timeline of our pre-list course of action
  • Preparing for potential buyer objections and questions in advanced
  • Following a comprehensive 70-point actionable checklist for your property sale
  • Having our client care specialist in collaboration with our conveyancing team ensure that all administrative tasks, documentation, and paperwork are completed on schedule without missing any details
  • Helping to declutter and depersonalize your space to ignite the buyer’s imagination
  • Arranging cleaners for the home to restore its original shine
  • Arranging home staging to colourfully tell the story of your unique home
  • Suggesting and arranging landscaping of the outdoor space to elevate the property’s curb appeal
  • Capture 4k video and HDR photography of your property, highlighting its best features
  • Provide you with regular updates about marketing and buyer feedback throughout the process so you’re fully involved with the progress of the sale

By consistently following our proven strategy for selling, we can ensure that your property will sell in the least amount of time and generate the best possible offer.



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