Would You Rather – Results

Thank you to everyone for participating in our quick “Would You Rather” survey last month! We’re sharing what our predictions were for the survey as well as the results.

Our Predictions

The two possible options for the survey were

  • Option 1: Living in a $1,000,000 house in a $500,000 neighbourhood
  • Option 2: Living in a $2,000,000 house in a $4,000,000 neighbourhood

Logically, we thought that given a choice, everyone would take the more expensive home but we believed that the majority of people would emotionally choose option 1. The reason why we thought that most people would choose this one is because people tend to prefer a nicer home, whether or not the neighbourhood is nice. It makes you feel good about yourself to live in a beautiful home – the nicest one in the neighbourhood. Also,(and this is what really swayed us),  national surveys in the USA have been completed and option 1 was typically the most popular choice.

The Results

We were wrong!

Most people in our survey chose option 2! 57% chose option 2, while 43% of people chose option 1.

Even though you wouldn’t have the nicest home in the neighbourhood, you would still be living in a multi-million dollar home in a great neighbourhood.

Stay tuned for more “Would You Rather” surveys to come!

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