Development Property on Gabriola Island
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25 Acre property ready for development!

Finding a good development opportunity can take some time. Time to find the property, time to do the proper due diligence and then time to resell the developed property to realize your profit. This land is ready for development and the market is in need of this type of offering which will both shortcut these two key components. The current owner has already done much of the preliminary work including the septic test holes dug and tested and has the main property surveyed. There are 5 wells and 5 driveways. The land is currently zoned SRR (Small Rural Residential) which allows subdivision into 4.92 Acre lots and does not need further approval to move forward. The driveways all lead back to well-planned home sites that give you privacy and pastoral views. Each lot will be approx. 100m x 200m.

The quick numbers: $850,000 purchase, selling 5 lots at $220,000 each and you net $160,000 after all expenses. And if you are up to a bit more work, strata-title the lots with small cabins and you could be netting $445,000.

If you are interested, text/call or email me and I’ll send you a summary package on the property. It’s a busy market and this is a great way to take advantage of it.


This is also available with the right offer.


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